Photography of Offices: one law firm, four towns

Four law firms, four different towns, a single work-group identified by a single brand.
Finding a  single and recognisable style close to the client’s mission was the key of this work. Though being a quite small work, it was challenging due to the significant differences of styles among the offices.


Interiors Photography - offices, glass table studi_legali_associati14 studi_legali_associati3 studi_legali_associati4 studi_legali_associati5 studi_legali_associati6 studi_legali_associati4_lan studi_legali_associati2_lan studi_legali_associati3_lan studi_legali_associati5_lan studi_legali_associati1_lan studi_legali_associati1 studi_legali_associati2